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Recently in an interview,every guest called of CEO Chen in an interview: "female consumers is so unreliable."When the IT times reporter about this topic,she hurriedly explained at the beginning of the "general Chen complained that actually reminded every guest to grope for women's consumption characteristics as soon as possible,better service for them." coach factory,now that it is impossible to "offend" female consumers.

"Traditionally buy clothing consumers through the network is predominantly female consumer,every guest when update the category,of course,can't ignore the trend."Long-term focus on garment industry Ye Qizheng very understand that shift.Ye Qizheng is bore web editor of fashion website,clothing marketing master degree.

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That started with five years ago is a men's dress shirts and then learn uniqlo,on the basic clothing.According to na,according to early by expanding women product coach factory outlet,such as silk stockings,every passenger gets gradually the attention and love of female consumers."Now female users rate is as high as 70%,far more than men,this also let a female user company has become the focus of up and down."

"Before this early spring fashion women's clothing,and that the existing,compared to Europe and the United States,Japan and South Korea women's clothing design and fashion coach factory online."At the beginning to the IT times reporter said.


In addition,during the Spring Festival sales list in fourth to the tenth of sichuan,jiangsu,henan,guangxi,hunan,shandong and shanxi.The weather is cold in west and northeast of users,do shopping during the Spring Festival enthusiasm is not high.


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Another man's got talent,the Shanghai new local brand clothing designer comments,said Roy "from last year to this year's spring,it can be seen that every guest for popular to grasp a more comprehensive,also improve many fashion degree,basic is the season of the popular coach is a good way to capture,and into their own style."

coach outlet store As donghua raffles design institute trained tofee rabbit,argues that every guest should be able to do better.She gave the IT times reporter texture while explains,"Bohemian jacket IT's sense of design,and spell able double-breasted suits and candy color coat on taobao are common." Learn from ZARA.

In not long ago that an internal management meeting old said:"that is not just to do it on your basic contend with uniqlo,also must learn from ZARA on fashion women's coach outlet." In the clothing field,compared with uniqlo,ZARA is classed as a field of fast fashion,simple point said,every time on new product design,but the quantity is little,sold out no longer replenishment orders production,it has also been online "suit".

Early spring series just released on January 21,only more than 20,but she said at the beginning of every guest have already arranged the following updated plan,"a weekly update about 20,where visitors prepared 200 much money altogether."Na said at the beginning of"female consumers hope can see the new coach outlet online every time shopping,so every guest would provide more style for consumers to choose,also can't add to inventories."

In the Shanghai area is different,the male users also love shopping,they bought during the Spring Festival is one of the most long sleeve pullover,popular color is grey,blue,and brown in turn.



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